Our Mission

Three Birds is built around a community of open-minded yogis focused on honoring and guiding each student on their path towards a more healthy and joyful life. Our goal is to help you get stronger, breathe better and live your life to the fullest. 

Can't touch your toes or stand on your head? No problem! Our experienced teachers welcome students at all levels and encourage everyone to deepen their practice in a safe and supportive environment. 


Our Yoga

We are a vinyasa yoga studio providing high-quality classes that balance precise instruction, fluid movement, alignment and thoughtful sequencing. Vinyasa, a dynamic and flowing practice, links the postures and breath to create balance between the body and the mind. Our classes blend asana (physical postures), meditation and spiritual teachings to create a powerful experience that can heal and inspire anyone willing to step onto the mat.


Our Studio

For the time being we are a virtual studio and welcome every one near and far to practice with us. Our physical space is  being used to record classes and house our prop store. We are waiting anxiously for things to get safer before we welcome you back into our sweet, serene space. Until then we promise to keep her just like you left her.