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The perfect class for newbies and even more experienced practitioners looking for a refresher. We will explore the basic alignment of the foundational yoga poses including standing poses (warriors, extended side angle, triangle) simple balancing poses, downdog and seated poses. This class is specifically designed for all shapes and sizes and will teach you how to use props and modify poses to make them accessible. As in all our classes, this class is a full mind-body experience, with an emphasis on breath and mindful movement.


This well-rounded class continues to build upon the fundamentals of yoga at a steady pace.  This class will help you build strength, deepen your flexibility and widen your knowledge of yoga. 


This mixed level class will offer modifications for level 1 students and more challenging variations for those ready to go to the next level.


In this practice  we'll focus on the hips, pelvis and l spine. All poses are done seated or laying on the mat where the student is invited to hold poses for several minutes while relaxing their muscles. This class is open to all levels and great for beginners, athletes and those who want to slow it down.


Supported and held by your props you will be able to fully relax the muscles and tension that you hold on to from living your daily life. Perfect for students who are new to yoga, have physical limitations, are recovering from injury, or want a class that liek a 75 minute svasana.


Students are guided through basic poses with an emphasis on breath awareness and alignment to enhance flexibility, build strength, and improve balance. Restorative poses are also incorporated to reduce tension and stress. Perfect for students who are new to yoga, have physical limitations, are recovering from injury, or want to enjoy a less rigorous and more relaxing practice.  


More challenging poses, transitions and sequencing will be explored in this playful and dynamic class. We recommend students feel confident, safe, and strong throughout classic sun salutations. 


This class is a combination of a slow flow vinyasa practice followed by a deep relaxation. The flow portion will allow time in each pose to help open, soften and stretch the body while linking movement with breath. Longer held Restorative poses in the second half of class to create a sense of relaxation and peace. 

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