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What my class is like: Challenging but adaptible for all levels, I focus on alignment but with the freedom to flow and lose yourself in a moving meditiation.  Each class has a purpose whether it is to build to a peak pose or to explore a yoga principle on the mat.


Off the mat: Cuddle time with my crazy pup, Sunday night dinner at my Dad's, cheering on the Seahawks and my fantasy football team.


If I wasn't teaching yoga: I would probably be a Freelance Graphic Designer which I do part time now. I love the ability to be creative and see a project develop from begining to end. I also love being my own boss! 

Currently on my playlist: Bob Marley, The National, Trevor Hall, Groove Armada, Radiohead, Krishna Das. Compiling my playlist is a big part of preparing for my class. 

Favorite pose: Childs Pose :)! It feels like coming home.


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