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What my class is like: 

I teach a well-rounded class where you will feel supported as you explore the potential of your own body and heart. My teaching is playful, authentic and relatable, connected to my own experiences as a yogi living in the world. You will link flowing movement and breath with a strong emphasis on mindfulness and correct alignment. I am inspired by the parallels between our experiences on the yoga mat and our lives in the world. You can expect to have fun and to leave grounded, refreshed and energized.

Off the mat:  Spending time with my husband and three daughters and dreaming about traveling to a wine region.

Favorite Pose:  Down Dog – it is like coming home again and again

My first introduction to yoga was: practicing to an Erich Schiffmann and Ali McGraw video tape in the 90’s in my NYC apartment.  My first in-person class was a beautiful prenatal class during my first pregnancy also in NYC.  My first teacher training was in 2004 in Montclair and I have been teaching non-stop since then. I love yoga! 

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