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What my class is like: When guiding students through a restorative class my aim is to help them find a safe enviroment for true and deep release and self healing. I use themes and readings in these classes to help draw attention to the areas we are working on, body and mind. In a vinyasa class I encourage a strong focus on softness, avoiding stagnation in asanas and creating space for expansion. Chakras are an important part of all my classes as well, helping to direct energy and effort to the appropriate areas of the body. Above all I ask that students take from a class what feels authentic to them, leave what does not.


I love yoga because: Every moment spent practicing yoga is an exercise in learning to navigate the space within yourself as well as the space around you.

My favorite pose: I have two favorites; a yin and a yang. Yin - Constructive rest, it is a rich and grounding asana. I feel like I’m melting as well as very supported. Yang – Trikonasana, this asana is a beautiful balance of openness, control, strength and self trust.

Currently on my playlist: Wade Imre Morissette, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Wah!, Cowboy Junkies, Beth Orton, My Morning Jacket, Lykke Li, Leon Russell.

My first introduction to yoga was: When I was 15 years old. I met a seasoned instructor while working as a lifeguard at a fitness club. She invited me to give her yoga class a try. Afterward I felt slightly intimidated, invigorated and fascinated. I felt like I was let in on a secret!



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