Our studio team cultivates a welcoming community and delivers a transformative yoga experience. Whether you stand at the front of the class or the front desk, you'll share the mission of Three Birds to help each student get stronger, breath better and live life to the fullest.

As a Karma Yogi you will create a welcoming environment 

for each student, making their visit stress free and pleasant. vThe Karma Yogi position requires working one, 4-5 hour shift a week in exchange for unlimited yoga classes.  We’ve designed this position because we know people who love yoga exude that passion. That’s who we want greeting our students.


As a teacher you will support our mission statement by providing high quality yoga classes that focus on safety for all levels and skill sets. You will help students reach their goals and challenge them to move past them. We are looking for top notch instructors who bring passion, personality and love to their classes.