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The Write Fit Yoga & Journal Yoga Series (11-15yrs)

FREE TRIAL SEPTEMBER 17th • 4:30P - 5:30P

Tuesdays • Sept 24 - Nov 12 • 4:30p - 5:30p •  8 weeks for $150

Created just for girls, The Write Fit combines yoga/fitness and journal writing to inspire positive self-talk, confidence, expression and compassion. In this non-competitive class, girls learn to respect, trust and rely on themselves while having fun and making new friends, building self-esteem and reducing stress/anxiety. Through partner and group poses, team-building games, breathing techniques, writing exercises, journaling and sharing, girls find their voices and their authentic selves. We build physical and emotional strength, learn critical tools to calm/focus and energize/uplift, and discover that all we need to navigate through ongoing friend/family/relationship snags is already inside of us.


No yoga experience or creative ability is required. Journals and t-shirts provided.

Please bring a water bottle and an open mind. Visit for more info. $150 for series, 20% off sibling discount. Pre-registration ends 9/18.

Kids Yoga Series (6 - 10yrs)


Thursdays • September 26th - November 21 (no class 10/31, 11/7) • 4:30p - 5:15p

$115 for 7 week series

Our children live in a “hurry-up world” of busy schedules, school lessons, play dates, gossip & competitive sports. We don’t always think of these things as stressful but they take a toll on their innate joy. Yoga can be a counter to these stresses and teach our children to find their own peace, calm, body awareness and boost their self esteem. Besides all of these wonderful tools, they will have FUN too! Moving, falling out of poses, testing their balance in a playful safe environment. Led by Jamie Burdette.

Cost: $115 for 7 week series. 9/26 - 11/21 (no class 10/31, 11/7). Registration closes 9/20.

3 "Little" Birds Yoga (3 - 5yrs)


Thursdays • September 26th - November 21 (no class 10/31, 11/7) • 1:00p - 1:45p

$115 for 7 week series

In this playful series your little birds will learn yoga through fun adventures, imagination games and relaxing journeys. They will learn to get their wiggles out in a developmentally appropriate class. Yoga allows for creative expression and helps nourish their imagination. Yoga for children is a natural and fun way to reduce stress, develop self confidence and increase listening skills all while having fun.

Yoga Child & Three Birds Yoga Studio have joined forces to bring you the BEST kids yoga parties in town.

Click HERE for all the details.

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