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What my class is like: Slow and mindful movement that’s coordinated with the breath along with poses that build strength, balance and flexibility. I also love including guided mediation, essential oils and relaxing restorative poses.


Favorite pose: Child’s pose. This is my “go to” pose, especially when I feel the need for some grounding.


Currently o my playlist: Annie Lenox, MC Yogi, Mazzy Star, Michael Hewett, Donna

De Lory, Subway Bhaktis…and Dana Murphy’s “Amazing Grace”

Favorite quote: “No mud, no lotus” because there are times in life when we need to slog through the muck and mud in order to bloom.

If I wasn't teaching yoga I would be: Doing something with books. My first career was in publishing and books are one of those things, like yoga and my family, that make me feel complete.


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