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Ready or Not...

People often think that yoga teachers must be super chilled out and relaxed. Ha!! You know there’s a reason that we were attracted to the practice in the first place, right? It’s because most of us needed yoga pretty desperately. So, when Sarah and I first talked about opening our own studio, I was terrified. “I’m not ready for that,” I said as my inner demon suddenly appeared on my shoulder and shook it’s head disapprovingly. But fortunately, there was a stronger voice in my head that said “YES!”

The second Yoga Sutra “Yoga chitta vritti nirodha” translated into english means "yoga stills the fluctuations of the mind." In other words, when we're able to quiet the constant stream of voices in our head, we can connect to our true self, to that inner voice that gets drowned out by all the noise. The inner voice that says “YES, you ARE ready!

Living MY yoga means doing something I love DESPITE the fear. If I had waited to feel READY to have children, it never would’ve happened and I would have missed out on experiencing the greatest joy of my life. Sarah and I have put so much love and attention into every detail of Three Birds that it really feels like having another baby. And this “love child” of ours is a true reflection of our deep passion for yoga - a sacred space designed to encourage you to connect to YOUR true self.

So ready or not, welcome to Three Birds Yoga! We are so incredibly excited to share it with each and every one of you!


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