What my class is like: 

My classes are challenging but accessible to everyone. I like to explore a variety of poses, but you will always have plenty of options along the way. There is an emphasis on biomechanics and alignment with a slow flow feel. We will always take time to breathe before we start. I like authentic music, so you will often here Krishna das and other kirtan artists chanting in the background. 

Off the mat:  I am a mom to my two kids, ages 6 and 2.5. 

I love yoga because:  it makes me feel strong, grounded, empowered, centered. 

My first introduction to yoga was: over 16 years ago at a local Y. I went to see if Yoga could help my low back and not only did my body feel better but I had never experienced such a mental and emotional shift like that before either. I was hooked. After practicing religiously for almost 2 years I went through my first teacher training and have been teaching for the last 14 years.