What my class is like: My class is a combination of my favorite styles of yoga. I am influenced by hatha, iyengar, and jivamukti yoga. I hope to create intelligent sequencing that gives students the opportunity to make space in the body, while being challenged to spread awareness to where it has not been before. I offer strong alignment cues, love teaching challenging shapes, and provide ways to make those challenging shapes more accessible to all.  

Off the mat:  Off the mat you can catch me in the gym, on the basketball court, or on my bmx bike at a skatepark or in the forest riding some trails. I am a lover of action sports and being outside connect back to mother nature. If I can bring those two things together I always will! 

My favorite pose is:  My favorite pose is handstand! This was a very challenging goal for me in the beginning of my practice and I am grateful for the journey it has been to integrate such an awesome shape into my practice. I also love seeing students accomplishing a handstand at any level, be it in a modification, at a wall, or maybe only for a few seconds in the middle of the room. 

The person who inspires me most is: My late iyengar yoga teacher Lisa Rotell has inspired me the most. She taught with such vigor and held all of her students to a standard of excellence. I am grateful as many of the best alignment cues I have learned came from her! 

My first instroduction to yoga was: at a health and wellness festival. I remember I was with a group of friends and no one wanted to try the class being offered. I did not hesitate and jumped right into the class in spite of this. It was very challenging and I struggled with the shapes, but from the beginning I knew it was bringing me benefits and would be something I would be doing a lot more of in the future. 


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