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with Sarah + Christina, June 8th - 11th 2023

The Uplands Center  Walton, NY

When was the last time you did something to feed your soul? Walked slowly in the tall grass without anywhere to be? Circled around the campfire with friends laughing with your whole body? Explored your yoga practice on a deeper level with time to luxuriate in a long savasana? If you had to really think about it, it’s been too long! It is so easy to get caught up in the to do’s of each day. We each have a story, things that cause us anxiety, family struggles, the stress of work.  Are you finally ready to take care of the one person who truly needs your love and attention the most - yourself?

If you are, we hope you’ll join us for 4 days and 3 nights as we return to the extraordinary Uplands Retreat Center in the Catskill mountains of NY. This very special place is surrounded

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