What my class is like: 

An uplifting and thoughtfully sequenced practice with emphasis on breath and anatomical alignment, with opportunity to advance or just hang back and enjoy the moving meditation in its simplest form. I hope for all participants to feel supported, strong, empowered, happy and at ease throughout and after class. 

Off the mat:  I am... a sun chaser and wanderlust traveler, a vegetarian/vegan cooking fiend, laying on the beach or hiking somewhere...

Favorite pose:  trikonasana,  grounding and opening, and just feels great!

Favorite quote: "The highest point of yesterday should be the lowest point of today" Iyengar

My first introduction to yoga was: at a gym when I was 13 years old and I thought it was SO boring so I did not return until I was 16 years old at surf camp and it was required before going out on the water!  Beach,  sunshine, waves crashing, and yoga - there was no turning back after that <3