What my class is like: My class starts with the premise that yoga is a healing art, that you are already enough and have nothing to prove. It’s a practice to get to know yourself better, to challenge yourself with the highest well-being in mind. Each class is taught with an inspirational theme and each posture is taught methodically, step by step in order to for you to comfortably find your edge while maintaining optimal alignment. There is a strong focus on breathing, linking intention, movement and breath through each expression of your practice. Each class invites you to cultivate self awareness without judgment. "You can’t do it wrong, but you can always do it better!" 

Off the mat I am a professional Sommelier, Thai Yoga Bodyworker, an outdoor enthusiast and epicurean (I like to eat and drink ;-).

My first introduction to yoga was:  at a gym in Milburn, NJ taught by Chara Calderone who is still an awesome teacher, author and friend. I was heavily into weight lifting at the time and was impressed and humbled all at the same time at the gentleness and intensity of the class. Within a year, I left the gym for good. Yoga was obviously much better for my body and allowed me to start to discover the deeper aspects of my own being. 

Favorite quote: “In Joy, ‘cuz if ya don’t, ya won’t” So much of our lives comes down to a choice. I do my best to live in Joy and if I don’t, well then I won’t. Simple but challenging. I believe Joy is our true Nature, the Highest. May we align with the Highest. In sanskrit it’s Satchitananda. My favorite sanskrit mantra is Om Namah Shivaya. I bow in reverence to the divine consciousness.

Currently on my playlist: Shantala, Jai Uttal, The Kaya Project, Rising Appalachia, The Human Experience, Kaminanda, Living Light, Warpaint, Yaima, Phantogram



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