What my class is like: My classes use straightforward, yet playful sequencing to sharpen the finer aspects of yoga alignment and breath work so that students of all levels feel challenged and capable, strong and supple.  I am receiving my Master’s Degree in Contemplative Studies from the Rutgers Graduate School where I focus on classical Sanskrit texts, eastern philosophies and religions and the transplantation of Yoga to the western world.  Accessible and nuanced transmission of the yogic teachings are (I hope) gracefully interwoven into my asana classes.


Off the mat I am: blogging, crafting, planning classes/workshops/teacher trainings, or getting lost on Pinterest, the world’s biggest inspiration board, drinking tea and thinking about doing those things.

My favorite pose: I can take refuge in Utthita Parsvakonasana leaving me better than she found me every single time.  It requires presence, participation, a balance of effort and softening and feels so stinkin’ good.

Currently on my playlist: Bon Iver, Dave Matthews Band, Brad Roberts Rajanaka Mantra Album, Nada Sadhana, Beats Antique, Ray LaMontagne, JJ Grey & MOFRO

My first introduction to yoga was: my grandfather.  He was also a yoga teacher, beginning his own yogic journey in the ‘60’s.  He taught classes first, out of his basement in Elizabeth, NJ and eventually packed college gymnasiums.  He was intense, magnetic and infinitely wise.  I was inspired by our conversations, his practice and his way of life.