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Need a Little Extra Push?


We totally get it, it's cold out, you're exhausted, you have so much to do. Some days it's just plain tough to get in a good yoga practice. So here's a little motivation for all of us.


Three Birds will be hosting our semi-annual Commit to Practice Challenge from March 1-31st. Let's make a commitment together to practice more! The more we practice the more we reap the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga.


Since this is our 11th Commit to Practice Challenge and let's face it, circumstances have changed lately, we're shaking things up a bit. The challenge is still to take 20 classes in 31days, virtual or in-studio (virtual classes on the Florham Park schedule), however, this time around we're giving you the option to join forces with a buddy to rack up classes.


Workshops count for 2 classes and you can take up to 3 classes on-demand, which are available to our unlimited members. At the end of the month we will ask you which on-demand classes you took. You'll find a commitment board in each studio so you can proudly track your progress.

CTP Spring 2022 Social.png

What will I get for reaching my goal?


Peace of mind, more strength and flexibility, better posture, improved digestion and cardiovascular health, better concentration and focus, more HAPPINESS, oh and some FREE stuff too...

Practicing as an individual?

If you reach 20 classes in 31 days you will receive the coveted Commit to Practice t-shirt and be entered in to a raffle for a chance to win a FREE month of yoga!

Practicing with a friend?

If you reach 20 classes in 31 days both participants will be entered into a raffle to win a FREE month of yoga!

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