What my class is like: 

My classes are mindful and challenging. I ask my students to challenge themselves but to listen to their bodies. I teach my students to find their breath in order to get more in touch with their spirits. When you come to my class you will laugh a little, move a lot and I always make the end rewarding with a deep relaxation pose, or two. Its a fast-paced life, come to yoga to find your center. 

Off the mat:  Pretty funny and very sarcastic. Kind to all creatures and beings. Though I am still working on the cable company and being kind to them when I call.

I love yoga because :  It lifts my spirits! It makes me stand taller both metaphorically speaking and literally. 

My first introduction to yoga was: In acting school we had the option to take yoga and I was hooked right away. It was a wild and weird Kundalini class and I loved every minute of it. That teacher had a bigger impact on me than my acting teachers for the most part. I realized that yoga felt real and performing felt fake. I wanted to be me, not pretend to be someone else.